Cats Welcome Humans by Appointment Only Doormat
Polly and Paisley

Cats Welcome Humans by Appointment Only Doormat

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Cats Welcome Humans by Appointment Only doormat.

A little cat humor to liven up your front door! 

Our coir fibre mats are made from all natural and sustainable coconut husk with a slip resistant rubber backing which makes them strong, durable, and absorbent! Coco fibre mats are extremely effective at getting all the dirt and debris from the bottom of your shoes, leaving you with a clean floor inside. 

We print your design with high quality inks that are UV cured to prevent fading and ensure long lasting designs. Text and designs are printed directly onto the mat, no vinyl decals are used

Available Sizes - 18"x30" OR 24"x36"

Production Time- 3 to 5 days. Local Pick Up Available

*We recommend keeping your doormat in a dry covered area to prolong the life of your doormat. To clean, just simply shake out heavy debris and/or vacuum away dirt and other particles*

***No two mats are identical, there may be -small- variations between each mat***